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About Us

We are Alessandro and Pierpaolo, two computer geeks. Alessandro has a bachelor degree in Computer Engineering at University of Pisa, he is a Web Developer, Web Marketing Specialist and SEO expert. Pierpaolo is a data scientist for a big telematic company, degreed in Business Informatics (University of Pisa).

As well as computer, programming and technologies lovers, we have lived for too many years, and still live, the nightlife in the our Versilia. So, we have decided to merge the passions, making two blogs with events and informations about Versilia’s nightlife.

So, in 2013, was born and in 2014 collects the most top events in the best Versilia’ clubs. But not only events, also info, news, photos, videos e “things to do” in this beautiful place along the Tuscany’ coast.

A special thanks to Petruzzo Foto© for the photos showned on the web site. It’s forbidden to use or edit.

The service offered is completely free

The booking service doesn’t require any cost, the purchase of tickets is to be unfolded directly with the clubs. decline any responsibility for the service offered by the clubs on the site


Alessia Ale
Alessia Ale
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Eugenio Carli
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Fabio Effe
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